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Paranormal documentary, ghost hunting, haunted house, filmmaking, company video production, Drone Videography, Drone Filmaking | Robot Ninja Media


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Creative Director/Filmmaker

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Throughout the course of his more than 17 years as a working filmmaker, Kendall Whelpton has honed his craft and established a reputation for using fresh ideas to produce content of the highest caliber. Three award-winning documentaries that have reached #1 on iTunes worldwide are the outcome of his labor of love. Whelpton has contributed to a number of highly regarded reality television shows, including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Brothers, Wicked Tuna, and Battlefish, in addition to his work on documentaries. Whelpton's career has been fueled by his lifelong love for the supernatural, which he developed as a young boy. In order to produce and release his documentaries and television shows, he established Robot Ninja Media in 2017. He is in charge of all aspects of the filming process, including developing and conceptualizing ideas for global distribution.