Creative Director

Vera is the co-owner of Robot Ninja Media and Producer on the Documentary “The House in Between”.  Always looking for innovative ways in an interdisciplinary fashion, Vera is passionate for the art of visual storytelling.

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Vera fell in love with the performing/visual arts at an early age.  She participated in many plays, and art competitions where she won first place several times with her paintings.  While attending college at the UANL back in the ’90s, she got her start in filmmaking and design as a Visual Arts student, and her favorite topics were the human interest, medical field, and the paranormal.  Vera had grown fond of the paranormal, because both of her parents claimed to have lived in a haunted house, and would always tell ghost stories at family gatherings.

The interest for the medical field also led Vera to study Nursing and worked many years in the Department of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Nephrology, and Internal Medicine.  


On February of 2010 Vera was cast on the TV show Ghost Hunters Academy where she met, fell in love, and married filmmaker Kendall Whelpton, now husband of 9 years, with whom she founded Robot Ninja Media. 

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